New house tour: Dining Room

Hi everyone!  I’ve been really wanting to blog regularly but it has been a crazy last 6 months and our website has gotten the back burner….lets hope that can change now that life is settling down. So much has happened for Old World New Home in 2014, and we will soon be sharing everything, but for now I would love to start a little blog series about my family’s new home! It has been an amazing experience starting this new chapter with my little family and I am excited to start sharing it with all of you!

While house shopping, we knew we wanted to find something that was perfect for us and just our style. However, most houses were either not close or the good ones were still only like 75% right.  This left us with 2 options: build new, or buy cheap so we have to money to make it our own! The latter was what ended up being best for us.  So my family and I (Betsy… The daughter of the mother/daughter team of our shop) bought a foreclosed home in January and have since been renovating what seems like every square inch of the house! We spent about 2 months doing the major work prior to moving in…floors, tearing down walls, replacing bathrooms, etc.  After moving in sometime in March, the remodeling continues. Working with a tight budget, running a shop, and wrangling a 2 year old….one step at a time, it gets closer to being exactly the way we want!

Here is a before and after of our kitchen/living room area after our floor was installed to give you an idea of how much this house has changed!

Living Room Before

The kitchen was linoleum and living room carpeted. We wanted to have the same floor throughout to make it feel larger and flow better.

This picture was taken at night the day our wood (laminate) floors were installed. It made the most amazing difference in the entire first floor!

This picture was taken at night the day our wood (laminate) floors were installed. It made the most amazing difference in the entire first floor!










Once we finish the living room, I’ll post pretty after pictures! For now, lets move on to the dining room, its first mainly because its the most “done” of all the rooms. A few before shots:

A look standing in dining room looking into kitchen

A look standing in dining room looking into kitchen

The first thing we wanted to do was open up this doorway. Ideally I wanted most of the wall gone, but due to duct work, we were only about to add about 20″.

IMG_1710 IMG_1711IMG_1835

It made a huge difference!

Next, deciding paint colors. It sounds like such an easy decision…but holy moly…standing at Lowes in front of 3000 colors is so overwhelming. Especially when you don’t even know how you want to decorate yet or whats going in the room. I knew I wanted it to have my eclectic/shabby chic/flea market feel, so I wanted some color on one wall. I have no idea why…but orange popped in my head. I saw a beautiful brochure with a rich orange wall and thought, Why not?

Standing in Kitchen Looking into Dining Room, RIght

Standing in Kitchen Looking into Dining Room, RIght

Dining room, after paint...and in the dark...sorry for the awful lighting!

Dining room, after paint…and in the dark…sorry for the awful lighting!

The first new item we bought for our new house was this awesome bamboo rug. We were so excited the night we saw our wood floors for the first time that we had to try it out! Charlie tested it and approved!
IMG_1820 IMG_1818








Then the fun part….decorating and furniture! Its almost done, just waiting to have chandelier hung and my uber talented friend Keri, is making me slipcovers for our 4 parsons chairs. They will be a simple drop cloth cover, maybe with a ruffle.


Standing in Kitchen Looking into Dining Room, Center

Standing in Kitchen Looking into Dining Room, Center


We found these huge metal “HOME” letters and thought with all the colors, they would look great opposite the orange wall.  The 2 painted grey armchairs have the same ikat pattern fabric as the chairs in our kitchen area which kind of ties the dining room and kitchen together. The console table is solid metal! I love having the contrast of materials….wood, metal, bamboo, upholstery, etc. And the suitcases add to my flea market feel, while providing the storage we need to hide the mess! for example…the bottom black suitcase currently houses my daughters 2 ft inflatable bowling set…thank you aunt Christine!
imageOh this hutch….I love it! The lighting is terrible and I did no editing at all to the picture…but you get the idea! My amazing hubby bought it for me. It was slightly strange buying a painted piece from another shop, since I paint furniture EVERY day, but I loved it! I It was perfect to fill such a large wall and I love how it pops on the orange!
image-2 image-3Thanks for reading! As soon as I finish the details and get the chandelier up, I will post Official “Afters”!


Furniture Painting 101 Workshops

After a busy month preparing and setting up at the Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market in the Vintage Marketplace, we are exhausted but ready to get back in the swing of things! Starting with getting more workshops on the schedule. Now that the weather is getting nicer, everyone is requesting classes and wants to start their summer projects! Here is what we have on the calendar:

Monday July 7th 6:00-9:00pm

Cost is $75

All supplies and projects are provided.

In this class you will learn various techniques that be used on plastic, metal, wood, painted wood, anything! Check out our April blog post for examples of some of the techniques you will learn. Although we call this a “furniture painting” workshop, you can apply what you learn to paint frames, outdoor furniture and pots, cabinets, etc.

With all of the techniques we learn, we will primarily be using Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. Give your tired, dated pieces a new life!

Painted metal finished with clear and dark wax

Painted metal finished with clear and dark wax

Painted with 2-color distress technique

Painted with 2-color distress technique

If interested, call the shop to pay and register. Spaces are limited! 614-266-2248





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